Tag the Trib Contest Rules


Tag the Tributary Guidelines*

*Guidelines follow the U.S. Board on Geographical Names (BGN) procedures

Thanks for participating in Mud Run Conservancy’s Tag the Tributary! The 2021 contest features an unnamed waterway that starts just east of Xenia-Springfield Road, flows diagonally from the southeast corner of a farm field, northwest under the bike path and Hustead Road, diagonally through another farm field to the northwest corner of the property where it empties into Coyote Run – the creek that was named in our first Name that Creek contest in 2019.

It’s a big deal to have the BGN approve a name!  They approve all the names on The National Map that has more than 2 million geographic names including places, population centers, schools, mountains, and rivers.  There are a few naming rules we have to follow:

1. Commemorative Names

a. BGN only considers names of persons deceased for at least five years, had either some direct or long-term association with the feature, or made a significant contribution to the area in which it is located.

b. Avoid using full names.

2.  Derogatory and Offensive Names

       a. BGN will not accept names that are offensive to a particular racial, ethnic, gender, or religious group.

3.  Avoid Long Names, Duplicate and Similar Name

a. Avoid local duplication of names or even the use of very similar names (i.e. different spelling with same pronunciation).

4.  No Commercial Names. The name should not promote a commercial product or enterprise.

5.  Animal Names

a. General names are usually accepted (e.g. Bear Creek).

b. Proper animal names (e.g. Toto Creek) are not advisable, but BGN will consider on a case by case basis.

c. If using a proper name to commemorate an animal, it must have been deceased for five years.

The best names are distinctive to the area and descriptive of topographic form or suggested by local history, folklore, or incident, or by associated natural life or other phenomena are preferred.

Name selection:

All submissions will be reviewed and names that don’t meet the USBGN naming criteria will be eliminated. The submissions will be narrowed and the final choice will be made by a vote (hopefully involving the Greenon school students). The winning name will be announced on our website:

( www.mudrunconservancy.org)

and Facebook Page (facebook.com/MRC.mrt.ohio). 

Submission Options: DUE BY AUGUST 1, 2021!!

  1. Email your suggestion to mudrunconservancy@gmail.com. Make sure you include name, phone number AND the significance or meaning of the proposed name.
  2. Detach and complete the lower part of this page and mail to: Tag the Tributary, Mud Run Conservancy, P.O. 204, Enon, OH 45423-9998.


Please print.

Your name ______________________________________________  

Phone ____________________________________ (Required)


Suggested waterway name (make sure you include Creek, Stream, Brook, Branch or Run in the name):



What is the meaning or significance of the name? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Mud Run Conservancy is dedicated to the well-being of the Mud Run Watershed. This valuable resource encompasses over 20 miles of waterways and includes the Mud Run Creek, Clear Creek, a major tributary, two minor tributaries, fens, wetlands and dozens of natural springs.