Upcoming Events

  • Mud Run Conservancy at the Yellow Springs Brewery, Mug Raffle. Mug donation by local artist, Nicki Strouss .
  • September 16 from 7-9:00 pm – CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS CONTAGION
  • December 10 from 7-9:00 pm
  • Trout Unlimited Upcoming Events
    • Check their website for Corona Virus updates
    • River Monitoring, 4 times a year at 6 locations along the Mad. Visit their website and Facebook page for details. http://www.tumadmen.org/index.shtml

The Mud Run Conservancy is dedicated to the well-being of the Mud Run Watershed. This valuable resource encompasses over 20 miles of waterways and includes the Mud Run Creek, Clear Creek, a major tributary, two minor tributaries, fens, wetlands and dozens of natural springs.