The Mud Run Conservancy is dedicated to preserving, conserving, protecting and restoring the land and water resources in the upper watershed of Mud Run. The Mud Run is a spring fed creek in Mad River Township, Clark County, Ohio.


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In 2021, be the one to name this creek,
the tributary to Coyote Run!


                               Mud Run Conservancy Activities in 2021

                                   Fighting Against Ohio House Bill 175

In early May Mud Run Conservancy (MRC) members were told that Ohio House Bill 175 was submitted by Brett Hillyer, March 2021, proposing to deregulate “certain” ephemeral waters of the state that could adversely effect Ohio’s wetlands.

A letter was sent to Chairman Kyle Koehler and the members of the Ohio House Agriculture and Conservation Committee voicing concerns over eliminating Ohio EPA oversight of these temporary but important waterways. Testimony was given by MRC Board member, Carol Culbertson, during the 19 May 2021 committee session.

Since it’s introduction the bill has had 12 supporters, more than 40 opponents, and is still undecided.  MRC continues to support efforts to oppose H.B. 175.

Protecting Mud Run from High Density Housing on Stine Road.

At about the same time we were informed of plans to rezone 42 acres of agriculture/residential land on Stine Road, to allow for a high density, 172 lot housing development. The land is just outside Enon, in Mad River Township, and directly across Enon-Xenia Road from the new K-12 school, set to open this fall.  MRC members are concerned about the large amount of new impervious surfaces and increase in storm water run off that would be dumped into Mud Run.

MRC members wrote letters and gave speeches in opposition to the Clark County Planning and Zoning Committee, the Clark County Rural Zoning Committee and the Clark County Commissioners. The rezoning request was approved on 28 June 2021, in a 2 to 1, vote by the Clark County Commissioners.  On 21 July,  625 signatures, double the number needed for a referendum, were given to the Commissioners to add the issue to the 2 Nov 2021.

Do you know about the redside dace? This fish is a cold-water indicator species found in an unnamed tributary of the Mud Run. A robust and sustainable population was observed  in the stream on June 8 of 2018!
Help improve the waters in the Mad River Watershed by attending any of the following activities:


  • Write the director of the Ohio Division of Natural Resources, Mary Mertz and request the Mad River receive a scenic river destination due to its unique spring fed waters and its important cold water fisheries.
  • Volunteer with Mud Run Conservancy and educate the citizens about the abundant water resources of our township and the need to protect and preserve them.
  • The Mad Men of Trout Unlimited is an organization whose focus is to study, protect and restore the Mad River. Get involved with Trout Unlimited and protect The Mad, Ohio’s principal trout stream of Ohio.

The Mud Run Conservancy is dedicated to the well-being of the Mud Run Watershed. This valuable resource encompasses over 20 miles of waterways and includes the Mud Run Creek, Clear Creek, a major tributary, two minor tributaries, fens, wetlands and dozens of natural springs.