The Mud Run Conservancy is dedicated to preserving, conserving, protecting and restoring the land and water resources in the upper watershed of Mud Run. The Mud Run is a spring fed creek in Mad River Township, Clark County, Ohio.


Hello! Hope you had a great summer and you’re ready to enjoy all the pleasures of autumn! It’s one of the prettiest times in our area. It was a busy summer for MRC and Conservancy members as they researched and opposed changes, at both local and state levels, that would adversely affect Mud Run.

AT THE STATE LEVEL: On September 29, Ohio House Bill 175 which passed the House was introduced to the Ohio Senate. Mud Run Conservancy will continue to oppose the bill which removes EPA protection from ephemeral waters.  Ephemeral waters are temporary waterways, above the water table and created by rain and melted snow and ice. They are the headwaters of our rivers and play a critical role in protecting downstream communities from flooding by absorbing and holding rainwater and snow melt. Without Ohio EPA protection they will be subject to dredging, filling and pollution that will be passed on to the rivers and our watershed. 

Due to increasing pressure proponents made some important amendments to the bill, namely maintaining the protection of wetlands connected to ephemeral streams.  But the changes are not enough.

It appears one of the driving factors is the decreased cost to business operators and developers who will no longer need a permit or pay to mitigate affected areas. We say these expenses are all part of the cost of doing business. 

We will continue to oppose this bills for as Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Director Laurie Stevenson said during testimony at the Ohio House Agriculture and Conservation Committee: “While they are not like other streams that support fish habitat, ephemeral streams are important in our watersheds because they are located at the top of the watershed, and therefore can affect water quality downstream.”

LOCALLY: The plan to build Hillside Creek Farms, a high density housing development on Stine Road in Enon was derailed by a referendum putting the issue on the November 2 ballot.

In September the Ohio Supreme Court upheld the voters’ right to decide on whether the 41.05 acres of farmland will become a 162 house development with 6 houses/acre. It’s now up to the people to decide.

Have you noticed the new artwork and banners on the Fencepost Gallery on Garrison Road celebrating Tag the Trib, MRC’s second waterway naming contest? In early November the K-6 students in the Greenon Elementary School will choose their favorite name from five options on the ballot: Arrowhead Creek, Bullfrog Branch, Pup Creek, Polecat Creek and Crawdad Creek. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winning name!

Tag the Trib!


Do you know about the redside dace? This fish is a cold-water indicator species found in an unnamed tributary of the Mud Run. A robust and sustainable population was observed  in the stream on June 8 of 2018!
Help improve the waters in the Mad River Watershed by attending any of the following activities:


  • Write the director of the Ohio Division of Natural Resources, Mary Mertz and request the Mad River receive a scenic river destination due to its unique spring fed waters and its important cold water fisheries.
  • Volunteer with Mud Run Conservancy and educate the citizens about the abundant water resources of our township and the need to protect and preserve them.
  • The Mad Men of Trout Unlimited is an organization whose focus is to study, protect and restore the Mad River. Get involved with Trout Unlimited and protect The Mad, Ohio’s principal trout stream of Ohio.

The Mud Run Conservancy is dedicated to the well-being of the Mud Run Watershed. This valuable resource encompasses over 20 miles of waterways and includes the Mud Run Creek, Clear Creek, a major tributary, two minor tributaries, fens, wetlands and dozens of natural springs.